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The RED & GOLD Spirit
"El Caudillo del Sur "

« Mejor morir de pie que vivir toda una vida arrodillado » Emiliano Zapata
"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees"  Emiliano Zapata

This was his maxim! He loved women, card games, cockfights, French cuisine, cognac ….. and CIGARS.
Emiliano ZAPATA, man of convictions, a life spent to fight for freedom and against injustice, a man who never made compromises with his values, who could not forgive betrayal !!!
It is those shared values, this rebellious and yet loyal spirit, which gave us the idea to create this new line of cigars to fit with his image ………
To smoke a Red and Gold, it is not just about smoking a cigar, it is about sharing values, being part of a family and endorsing this spirit of freedom !!!

The cigar Red & Gold:

Wrapped into a beautiful and oily Habano wrapper from Ecuador, these cigars are quite attractive to the eye and touch. The cigar is soft and well-made, adorned with a red and gold cigar band which suits it well. The draw is excellent. Easy to light up. The first puffs have a powerful mix of cocoa and peppery taste. Then the cigar becomes milder and makes room to humus and undergrowth type aromas. The ash is dense and compact. The evolution brings us to these slightly mixed peppery undergrowth aromas with a umami taste in your mouth. Then cedar type woodsy flavors come along in a more spicy register. The power still remains moderate. The cocoa aromas come back towards the end, leaving a pleasant impression to this cigar which reminds of Zapata's nature !

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Red & Gold